2018 War Eagle 648LDV The War Eagle model 648LDV is a duck hunter's dream boat. It can be equipped with engines ranging from 25 to 40 horsepower. By adding rear pods, the layout is perfect for mud motor or tiller application. This model is built with an 8 V hull and sharper bow to part through brush, deflect water and keep you dry. Features may include: The model 648LDV comes standard with 1 ba...
SOLD 2018 War Eagle 750 Gladiator
SOLD 2017 War Eagle 754LDV War Eagle model 754LDV was named the ultimate duck boat by Waterfowl & Retriever magazine. We agree! It is a duck hunters dream with the 12 V hull it parts through the brush to get you to your honey hole. The 754LDV is available with several accessories including a gun box with cushion or your choice of camouflage paint.
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